Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Feeling Stressed? Relax For Your Skin's Sake!

Feeling Stressed? Relax for your skin’s sake!

For years, stress has been deemed the cause of several health issues and is connected to numerous conditions. But did you know that one of the first places that stress targets and shows up on is your skin?

Think about it – the skin is our largest organ. As much as people think that stress causing skin problems is a myth, they are not!

Try to relax, practice positive thinking and your complexion will be better because of it.

If you are caught up with stress, beware of the following skin issues to look out for and how to relax your skin:

1)    Acne – There is a link between acne and stress and several research studies have proven this link. When you feel stressed, the increase in hormones throw off your body’s natural balance and it increases the amount of oil your skin secretes, which clogs pores and causes breakouts.

Acne Stress Solution – Start exfoliating to remove dead skin cells, unclog the pores and help stimulate new, fresh skin to grow

2)    Rashes – When you are under stress, your top layer of skin which acts as your natural barrier becomes impaired because of your body’s imbalance of chemicals that keep your skin hydrated and strong. Stress can even produce a protein that creates a bacteria, leading to conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

Rash Stress Solution – Create a daily moisturizing routine, where you use hypoallergenic lotions and creams to hydrate the skin. If your rash goes beyond dry, itchy skin, please seek medical attention from your doctor for prescription topical ointments.

3)    Severe Dermatitis – During stressful times, the stress hormone Cortisol kicks in, shutting down one part of the immune system. This makes you more susceptible to allergens, which cause severe skin conditions. These conditions range from extreme itching, hives and allergy lesions.

Dermatitis Stress Solution – Use organic skin care products to manage your complexion and keep your allergies in check. It is also important to seek medical attention from a dermatologist if you consistently experience breakouts of severe rashes and hives. Allergy testing may be advised as well to figure out the best course of treatment.

4)    Frown Lines – Frowning happens a lot when you are stressed and you will do it even when you don’t realize it. The constant scowl upon your face will leave you eventually with permanent fine lines.

Frown Line Stress Solution – Begin practicing an anti-aging skin care regime and even when times are harder than others, try to channel positive emotions and just smile!

5)    Dryness and Dullness – Stress reduces the lipid barrier that naturally makes our skin moisturized and radiant, allowing any natural moisture to evaporate. This leaves your skin dry, flaky and tired-looking.

Dryness and Dullness Stress Solution – Use skin care products containing Retinol to help remove dead skin cells. If your skin is too sensitive, use a gentle exfoliator. Begin incorporate daily moisturizer into your skin care routine to hydrate and help bring a brighter radiance to the skin.

Interesting Facts on Stress…

STRESS stands for Systematic Testing of Robustness by Evaluation of Synthesized Scenarios

Stressed spelled backwards is Desserts!

Stress did not exist and was not clearly defined until the 1950s

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