Friday, April 13, 2012

5 Beauty Products that a girl should never travel without

(1)  Moisturizing Travel Pack: 

      Numerous skincare and beauty lines have this type of product, which is packaged as a small kit with travel-sized moisturizers for your face, body, hands and feet. With the dry air of the airplanes, sometimes rough hotel room bedding and long days of touring, moisturizing is key. 

(2)  Cleansing Towelettes or Peel-off Masks: 

     With late night flights or running around in the heat while travelling, you may not always have the opportunity to stop to give your face a good cleansing. Cleansing cloths or peel-off cleansing masks are a good alternative to keeping your skin fresh and clean.  

(3)  Lip Balm or Lip Gloss: 

      With changes of climates, scenery and transportation, your pout is bound to get dry and cracked. Keep a lip product in your purse or carry-on for easy reach and application while on-the-go.

(4)  Travel-sized Toothbrush and Toothpaste Kit: 

      These kits to keep your pearly whites clean, sparkling and fresh can be found in the drug store and are perfectly compact for travel. Also, most of the time, the toothpaste does not go over the legal liquid limit that you can bring on an airplane, meaning you can brush up at any time. 

(5)  Dry Shampoo: 

      Depending on your travel schedule, you may not always have the time to lather up your locks. Pack a dry shampoo in with your travel toiletries and use it accordingly when you need it. You can find dry shampoo at large beauty stores or at your hair dresser.

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