Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fabulous Foods For Your Face!

Everyone has heard the notion “you are what you eat.” This classic saying may be directed towards being trim and fit, but did you know that you can actually eat well for your skin?

Whether your skin is dry, acne-prone or dull looking, your diet can help change the face of your complexion.

Here are some great foods that offer nothing but nourishment to your skin and help you to maintain that youthful, glowing appearance:

WATER – Consuming several glasses of water on a daily basis is an easy way to improve and maintain the health of your skin. Water flushes toxins out of your body and keeps your external appearance healthy and moist.

Tip: 8 glasses of water needed per day is a myth, but make sure you drink 3 to 4 glasses!

GREEN VEGETABLES – All green veggies are great for the skin, so it is simple to find at least one vegetable from this group to add to your daily eats. Packed with nutrients and antioxidants, green vegetables are helpful to fight acne and provide nourishment that keeps skin balanced and clear. Plus, it has tons of Vitamin A, which encourages healthy skin cell growth.

Tip:  The darker the green of the veggie, the better!

FISH – Key element that fish has for the skin: OMEGA3 fatty acid! This good fat (you heard us, it is GOOD fat) is important because it slows down and can help reverse the signs of aging. It also helps calm the skin, relieving redness or irritation. This is why we have a Caviar product line – too good not to share with your skin!

Tip: The fatty acids found in fish are great for dry eyes!

WHOLE GRAINS – This food group contains selenium, which helps to improve the skin at a cellular level. Also think about it – it is a simple diet practice because selenium is found in all whole wheat cereals, breads and baked goods.

Tip: Selenium is very helpful in clearing up acne and acne scarring

PURPLE & DEEP RED FOODS – Nutrients found in purple and deep red foods offer significant protection to skin cells and helps to repair skin damage – both at the cellular level and on the surface of the skin. Incorporate some cabbages, beets or another purple or red pick into your diet and you will be protected!

Tip: The darker the purple or red, the better!

CITRUS FRUITS – Get your grapefruit on! Fruits from the citrus family (grapefruits, oranges, lemons and limes) are rich in Vitamin C – a key vitamin in the fight against fine lines, wrinkles and aged skin that needs a radiance boost.

Tip: If you are not into fruit, try some red peppers. They have the HIGHEST level of Vitamin C

LEAN MEAT or CHICK PEAS – If you are a meat eater or a vegetarian, lean meat or chick peas provide you with a good source of iron. Iron will boost your skin tone (especially if you have a pale complexion) and it will help to improve dark circles under the eyes.

If you are eating for good health or thinking about it, start thinking about how to eat for your skin!

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